Fashion Jewelry - Handmade jewelry by international artists for the woman looking for something different.
    Restrung Jewelry - New Orleans hand-crafted jewelry created with recycled guitar strings.
    Wild Iris - Handcrafted jewelry with gems, shells, brass, mother-of-pearl, amethyst, turquoise, tigers eye
    Marion Cage - New Orleans handcrafted contemporary jewelry
    Lily Chartier Pearls - Designed and crafted jewelry from quality natural turquoise, silver, pearls and leather.
    Turtleback Studios - Liz Hawes creates one-of-a-kind pieces full of individual personality.
    Bottled Up Designs - Our recycled glass jewelry is handmade in Pennsylvania from antique glass and bottles.
    Virgo Moon - Adorn the body with one-of-a-kind manifestations of the great void.
    Visible Interest - Decidedly Modern Jewelry. A machine age sensibility applied to modern adornments.
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